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Self-Assessment Essay

  • Submitted by: Heather723
  • on February 23, 2013
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When I realized I wanted to go in to the human services was when DCF came in to my life. I was seven and my sister was eleven, she went to school with a bruise on her right cheek, when the school asked what happened she blamed me and said we were play fighting, but the real story was my father punched her in the face. We ended up going through an investigation with DCF and my father had to be removed for the house for the time being. I did not want to go to foster care so I lied when they asked me questions, secretly hoping they would figure I was lying, they never did. My sisters on the other hand told everything that was needed to be told. My father was not a bad person but, his priorities were just not in order, he put work before anything and everything else before family, with both parents working all the time my sisters raised me. My mom was just too blind to see what was really going on, she was a dispatcher for the police department and she was always getting mandated to work so we never saw her. When DCF did come I believe it was awake up call for her, she finally realized that our family was broken and she had to fix it. So, she kicked my dad out and said “good luck”. She started spending more time with us going to on trips and just finally becoming a family.
When I got my license I started using my free time to others advantage, I started volunteering at homeless shelters, humane societies, soup kitchens, anywhere where I felt I was needed. I helped old people carry groceries to their cars; I paid for someone’s bill at the store because their card got declined. Helping others out helped me realize that a simple holding the door for someone can make their day ten times better.
When I volunteered it made me feel like a person and I was finally doing something right in a life full of wrongs. To see a smile on someone else’s face from a deed that I did is a feeling of satisfactory that I cannot explain. It made me want to do more and go to different places...

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