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Self-Governance Essay

  • Submitted by: Anson1
  • on February 20, 2014
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The Windy Path to Self-Governance

Long before the first European settlers stepped foot on North American soil, the Aboriginal societies inhabiting the land had been self-governing themselves for thousands of years. Aboriginal peoples relied on a variety of distinctive ways, due to the vastness of different cultures, to structure their political systems. (Wherrett, Political and Social Affairs Division) This difference among the many political systems that existed within the indigenous cultures prior to colonization, has helped influence the Government of Canada’s view on Aboriginal rights as one of a lack of specificity, of the content and nature of what Aboriginal rights are. (Wherrett, Political and Social Affairs Division) Aboriginal rights including self-government, as seen through the eyes of an Aboriginal person, is looked at as a way to regain control over matters that directly affect them and the preservation of their cultural identities. “Self-government is referred to as an ‘inherent’ right, a pre-existing right rooted in Aboriginal peoples’ long occupation and government of the land before European settlement.” (Wherrett, Political and Social Affairs Division.) With this inherent right, why shouldn’t Aboriginal communities move towards more self–government?
Initially, the first contact with European colonizers did not have much effect on the way the Aboriginal people had governed themselves. They continued on as they had before, they even went so far as allowing the Europeans to set up trading posts and settlements. Although this was mutually beneficial for both sides on a commercial aspect, it did eventually end up affecting Aboriginals. (McNeil 6) They were introduced to alcohol, guns and probably the most fatal of all, diseases. Over time, much of the land traditionally used by Aboriginal peoples was either taken for settlement or for the rich amount of resources on that land. The colonization by Europeans had started to infringe upon the...

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