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Sense of Humor Essay

  • Submitted by: SeanLz
  • on February 23, 2013
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Sense of Humor
When we think of someone with sense of humor, we often think of those students who can make the whole classroom laugh effortlessly, those persons who tell jokes and send everyone on their knees making loud guffaws or perhaps those persons whom we call the “life of the party” and without their presence, everything seems dull and boring. That is why we always regard sense of humor as a trait by which a person provides amusement and incite laughter either for himself or for others. It is the characteristic wherein we look at the comical and mirthful side of things. Humor is the capacity to perceive delightfulness or hilarity, and having the sense of it, is indeed, one of the best assets anyone could have. It is the one of the main sources of happiness --- a catalyst for smiles and a supplier of tears that actually make us in joyful. You do not need to be funny in order to have a sense of humor, you just need to see the absurdities and the wit behind the context.   Trying to be funny without a sense of humor can be quite sarcastic and dark. After all, each of us has a different sense of hilarity that is entailed to us --- some may be gifted at cracking jokes, some may be slow in absorbing those jokes, and some just don’t get that kind of humor at all. We may all be different in terms of our sagacity of it, but one thing’s for sure, humor is seen as a very important key in everybody’s development. Because of our sense of humor, we are able to lower our stress level, interact more effectively, make our bodies relax a little bit, and just look at life positively. Nobody can ascertain for sure where our sense of humor came from. It’s just innate for us to have some one way or another. I guess, it’s God’s gift to make us happy. That is why, we need to enjoy our sense of humor! Keep it up! It is one of the things that makes life beautiful after all.

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