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Session Essay

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  • on February 18, 2014
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Counseling Session
Genevieve, 16, is graduating from high school. She has always dreamt of becoming a doctor and her parents have encouraged her to pursue this course. She has determined to take the course at the University of the Philippines and bad no other school in mind. When the counselor   saw her for routine interview, the discussion drifted to her pursuit of a college course.

Clee: I really am bent on taking up Medicine. This has been my childhood dream and my parents are very happy about my choice. They have always wanted a doctor in the family.
Clor: I am happy that you have made a choice. What in Medicine has attracted you to it?
Clee: Well, it very prestigious. You earn a lot of money. You can get rich and be recognized.
Clor: So you like the fame and fortune it can bring?
Clee: Imagine the doctor sees a patient for only 5-10 mins and he already gets 300 bucks. Then there are many patients per day. Can you imagine how much he earns? And I heard that some pharmaceutical films even give them free trips abroad.   What I like pa is freedom that you can have. Your time is your own. I can’t imagine myself sitting in the office for eight hours.
Clor: You like the opportunities that being a doctor can give you. What about the work involved.
Clee: I think it is easy. I’ve seen doctors visit my grandparents in the hospital. All they ask is: How are you? After a few sentences they leave. And when we go to their clinics, they would just ask my Lolo or Lola how they feel, then they prescribed medicine and that’s it.
Clor: You do know that before they can be full pledged doctors they have to prepare for that don’t you?
Clee: Yes, I think 10 years is not too long. I’m still young. Anyway, I don’t have to work my parents can afford to support me.
Clor: You see that there is no problem with time and money. You can afford both other than time and money what are the other requirements of Medicine.
Clee: Of course, personality and confidence. How can you get...

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