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Sexual Problems Among Teens in Malaysia Essay

  • Submitted by: aviman
  • on February 28, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Sexual Problems Among Teens in Malaysia" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Having read a journal entitled “Sexual Problems Among Teens In Malaysia: A Case Study At Youth Rehabilitation Centre In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia” by Hemaloshinee Vasudevan, I have realised the seriousness of teenage sexual problems among Malaysian Teenagers. Even though I aware that the sexual problems have long existed in our country, but only after read the journal I understood that it has been getting attention from all the parties. According to MechaGanon (2010), sexuality is one of the most important factors in one person’s life. He says so because sex could build a generation.   However, I feel that it is only true if a person explore his or her sexuality at the right age after get married in order to produce his or her generation. But, what is happening in current days? What causes to the rise in the number of teenage sexual cases? How does it affect the teenagers? When are they going to realise their mistake? Who are going to help them out of this problem? I am pretty sure that these questions have already aroused in many of us. In fact, after finished reading the journal, I was asking the same questions in me too.
Initially, I don’t had enough knowledge on teenage sexual problems as I stated in the first place. Resulted from the reading, I studied the sexual system of teenagers, the factors cause to sexual problems, the cases of sexual symptoms and many more throughout the journal. Therefore, I am writing my critical reflections based on selected factors that cause to teenage sexual problems.
In the journal, the author has listed parents, religious, theoretical impulse, environment, emotion and stress and poverty as the factors. Hemaloshinee, V (2013) noted that the religious factor in light stretching or morality in youth so that they can think before doing immoral things (p.93). What she meant here is that religious education can influence the thinking and behaviour of a teenager and stops them from involving in sexual problems. I agree with her...

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