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Sgp- Sustainable Agriculture Essay

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Senior Geography Project by Lachlan Sprott

Sustainable Agriculture- Cudgen NSW

The following report will examine sustainable agriculture in the area of Cudgen. I will be Focussing on the Cudgen soil conservation project, Compost trials, soil, the Cudgen erosion project, and organic farming. I have researched on the internet and also by talking to local farmers and land care groups.
Agriculture is the main land use in Cudgen, it puts many impacts on the area, socially, economically, and environmentally, all these pressures are putting viability on agriculture in Cudgen. However there are ways we can solve these problems by following sustainable agriculture strategies. In Cudgen farmers have been working together with the council and environmental groups to make the agriculture more sustainable in this area. Currently famers are farming sustainably as they possibly can.  
Agriculture in Cudgen
The Cudgen plateau is well known for its majestic views, as well as its agricultural productivity and biophysical diversity. Cudgen in Aboriginal means ‘red soil’, Cudgen is known for its rich fertile volcanic red soil. Not only the outstanding soils make it a great area for agricultural production but also, plentiful water and a favourable climate suitable for year-round production. The higher percentages of the farms are on hills which run down to creeks and dams. In the wet season it is common to get large amounts of rainfall. The red soil drains well, this allows the farmer’s to continue work very soon even after the rains, giving them an advantage of other low lying areas.
The first dates of European settlement in the Tweed were in 1944 with the main land uses, timber harvesting and farming. However the population remained very minimal until the 1880’s and now days the tweed is known for one of the highest population growth rates in regional NSW. Sustainable agriculture could become a drawcard for young families and young farmers....

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