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Shinto Research Paper

  • Submitted by: kamanari
  • on February 21, 2013
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Shinto is the native religion of Japan. It was onces it’s states religion. Shinto is still practiced in a form modified by the influence of Buddhism and Confucianism. Shinto is a polytheistic and animistic faith. Shinto also consisted of veneration of the Emperor as a descendant of the Sun goddess. Shinto also involves worship of kami or spirits.The word kami, meaning above or superior, is the name used to designate a great host of supernatural beings or deities In its present form Shinto is characterized less by religious doctrine or belief than by the observance of popular festivals and traditional ceremonies and customs, many involving pilgrimages to shrines. Shinto, a term created to distinguish the indigenous religion from Buddhism, is the equivalent of the Japanese kami-no-michi, the way of the gods or the way of those above. The afterlife is not a primary concern in Shinto. Some differences exist between Shintoism and the many types of shinto that are taught and practiced, showing influences of Buddhism when it was introduced into Japan in the sixth century.Shinto is no longer Japan’s offical state religion. Shinto has no binding set of dogma, no holiest place for worshippers. Shinto doesnot have any person or kami deemed holiest and doesnot have a set of prayers.
However Shinto Is a collection of rituals and methods used to mediate the relations of living humans and Kami. The most immediate striking theme in Shinto religion is a great love and reverence for nature. Basically a waterfall, the moon, or a rock can be reguarded as a kami also charismatic individuals and some more abstract entities like growth and fertility. Kami arenot transcendent deities in the usual Western and Indian sense of the word. Although they are divine they are also close to humanity. Kami inhabit the same world as us and make the same mistakes as us. Those who die will usually become kami, their power and main characteristics will be based on their doings in life.
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