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Sigsac-Mobile Security Essay

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Your smartphone and computer know an awful lot about you! If they fall into the wrong hands, a stranger could find out where you live or work, who your family and friends are, and even figure out what you do in your free time. Scary if you think about all that just landing in the hands of a creep or criminal. There are a few simple things you can do to safeguard your mobile devices and yourself. In an age when we keep all of our personal information on these vulnerable machines, it’s more important than ever to take every possible precaution to keep all that data secure. As if the endless news surrounding the Target breach, or Heart bleed virus wasn’t bad enough, hackers will still continue to put millions at risk by continuing to this steal important data.
Modern mobile devices are complex systems made up of multiple off-the-shelf components in hardware, software and firmware. The devices have a relatively short life and are updated or replaced at a very fast pace, meaning that development, testing, and maintenance cycles are very short (Sadeghi, 2013). Achieving and maintaining complete system security is extremely difficult. PCs are routinely shut down which helps secure private data and encryption keys (Sadeghi, 2013). Mobile devices, on the other hand, typically remain powered-on for long periods. This leaves only a lock-screen protection, something routinely avoided, as the only barrier securing private data and encryption keys, but there are many more ways you can secure your mobile data (Sadeghi, 2013).
The ACM Special Interest Group on Security, Audit and Control mission is to develop the information security profession by sponsoring high quality research conferences and workshops (ACM SIGSAC, n.d.). SIGSAC conferences address all aspects of information and system security, encompassing security technologies, secure systems, security applications, and security policies (ACM SIGSAC, n.d.). The most recent SIGSAC conference, in...

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