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Simeon's Song of Praise Analysis

  • Submitted by: thatgr33kguy
  • on February 19, 2014
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The painting I chose to focus on in the Frick Collection was Simeon’s Song of Praise by Rembrandt van Rijn. I immediately focused in on Jesus, the baby, in the middle of the painting due it being the source of light. This is clearly a very religious panting, as it does show Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and Simeon. Starting from the center, I focused on the baby at first. Baby Jesus looks very pudgy, but also very realistic, and there appears to be a smile on his face. I find this a bit odd, as most nearly newborn children I’ve seen cry or don’t look thrilled to not be held by their mother. He is also wrapped in I believe red and gold material, which signifies royalty and the splendor of Christ and the church. I did research on Rembrandt before, as I read about this limited time exhibition, and according to the year this was painted, 1631, Rembrandt was 25 years of age, which I believe allowed him to show the immense detail and attention to detail. This shows realism, as it was painted during the Dutch Golden Age, and history painting, which shows a religious scene, in this case, when Simeon was holding Jesus.
My attention and gaze started moving out from the middle, and the second person I focused on was Simeon, as he was the one that was holding Jesus. He also is dressed in red, gold, and bits of purple, which again shows splendor. He is an old man, as evident by the white beard and hair. His facial expression looks surprised, even shocked, but I believe in a positive way, as it would not fit the scene if something negative or unholy were to happen. He is in shock by the sheer enormity of the situation. He might also be gazing at God, as he is holding Jesus, and maybe he received a divine message. At first, I thought he might have been holding Jesus in a protective gesture, as it looked like he was turning away from the figure with his face mostly covered, except for the silhouette.
Afterwards, I went to the left of Jesus, to the illuminated figure of his mother,...

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