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Single Line Diagram Essay

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Project Outline:

This project requires the student to draw and correctly label the diagram shown on page 3. This diagram shows the HV to LV system from Yallourn (Loy Yang power station) to Melbourne (RMIT Bld.56 substation) in single line format.

Project requirements:

Students are required to develop the drawing based on the knowledge gained from previous learning activities. This drawing is required to be completed on a copy of your A3 Template sheet.


Assess various drawing commands used to create complete drawings:

▪ Line/ colour
▪ Trim/ extend
▪ Move
▪ Rotate
▪ Copy/ paste
▪ Single-line text
▪ Text edit

Time allocation:

Class time allocated is 2 hour.

Previous work:

Learning Activities:

Suggested drawing development:

▪ Open file … H:\ AutoCAD\A3 Template.dwg

▪ Save the file as … H:\ AutoCAD \Project 5 [™AutoCad will automatically create the correct file extension].

▪ Complete your Title Block using copy and text edit to insert appropriate titles as listed.

▪ Scale: NONE

▪ Project Title: PROJECT 5


▪ DATE: (current date)

▪ Drawing Number: CAD001/5

▪ Ensure that your completed drawing is saved to the following path … H:\ AutoCAD\Project 5.dwg

▪ ‘Drag and drop’ a copy of your drawing to your student mail box i.e.   S:\Student Assignments\ DAVIS\ (your group folder)\ (your student folder)

    Note: Do not attempt to use save command!

Assessment will be base on the correct use and completion of the following drawing attributes:

▪ Title block

▪ Drawing position/ layout.

▪ Correct use of line weight (LWT), colour and symbols.


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