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Skills Shortage Essay

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It is acknowledged that IT has a crucial role to play in the UK’s future prosperity.
However, with intensied competition from Europe and the fast emerging Asian
economies, Britain must have the right level of skills, competencies and abilities to
compete globally and sustain economic potency. The problem is there are serious
concerns over the IT skill shortage, which remains acute.
A recent survey by the CBI1 showed that 39% of rms surveyed are already struggling
to recruit workers with the advanced technical STEM (science, technology,
engineering and maths) skills they need. Further, 41% of the rms believe that the
shortage will persist for the next three years. City AM2 also reported that technology
rms in the London area are having to pay increasingly higher salaries to recruit
talent. Salaries for technology jobs have risen by 26% in the last year alone with an
average salary of £48,307 in London and £38,247 nationally.
In the software and application development space there is a shortage of developers
particularly in the UK where the digital economy is growing exponentially and
in-house development is back in fashion3. Here, demand for developers is accelerating
with rising salaries and increases in the number of vacancies. While rms look
to up their eorts and investment in sourcing the talent required to sustain their
business growth, IT project delays continue to be reported with IT request backlogs
growing at a rate of 10 to 20% per year.
In order to overcome a depleted skills base, IT departments will need to take a
dierent approach. This whitepaper examines the scale and complexity of the
IT skills issue, focusing on specic areas within IT departments where the skills
issue will impact most, particularly around application development. The paper
also considers a number of approaches that IT departments and the operations
team can take to overcome these challenges in light of a shortage of application

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