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Smart Girls Finish First Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on February 22, 2013
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Picking up her books off the floor after they had been knocked out of her hands for the hundredth time, Emily knew she did not want to be treated like this anymore.
“You think you are so smart and good, but you aren’t any better than the rest of us,” was followed by the knocking down of her books from one of the students.
Emily had always been good in school. She showed signs of a very high intelligence from the beginning. She received very high grades in all of her elementary school years and was always the smartest in her class, receiving awards and acknowledgements. She did not understand the great problems bullying, cheating, and her trying to stay away from those things would create as she went through life.
Emily was a very innocent and a pure girl. Middle school was much crueler and she was ridiculed constantly for her intelligence; she could not understand why people looked down upon her because of it. She worked so hard to become the best that she could be and she was made fun of for it. Emily had set high morals for herself, and she lived by them. Emily had come in counter with one student, Jasmine, on various occasions. Jasmine always tried to cheat off Emily, but Emily would not let her. Jasmine would always make fun of Emily. She would bump her in the hall way, or knock her books out of her hand. Jasmine made a hobby out of Emily’s misery. Emily went her entire middle school treated like that. She never made any real friends, and she would go home crying every day.
It was like any other day, when Emily arrived to school. She was in English class and they had a test in Literature. The teacher had walked out during the test because the principle had to talk to her about some new issues with the school.
Jasmine was in that class and leaned over to Emily and said, “Hey what’s the answer to number 4”.
Emily just ignored her and went back to her test.
Jasmine again looked at her and said,” Hey, I’m talking to you, you going to give me some kind...

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