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Social Issues Essay

  • Submitted by: JCirino15
  • on February 20, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Jacob Cirino
History 5A
September 24,2012
The debate of social issues is one that can last forever with is many different topics. Recently the debate over gay marriage has gotten serious with states now legalizing gay marriage. A couple reasons why I am personally for same sex marriage is because I think gay couples should have every right to get marriage. The First amendment should have enough support to justify same sex marriages, if we were to deny same sex marriage it would be denying their right to religious freedom. Same sex marriage has never hurt anyone therefore it should be legal right there alone. People should have no say in same sex marriage because at the end of the day gay couple are not hurting anybody in society if they do get married, they are people just like everyone of us and no law should determine if two people can marry each other all cause their the same sex.
Although same sex marriage claims the first amendment is on their side in actually its not. The first amendment protects religious freedom which being gay isn’t a religion. Most religions around the world and religions in this country consider being gay a sin it would be highly offensive to religions who consider being gay sin because the government would be allowing something that in the religion world is looked at awful. If the government allows same sex marriage to be legalized what else could it lead to? It could lead to the definition of marriage being twist and turned for example if someone wants to marry a dog, family member or have multiple wives. The governments job is to develop of strong definition of what marriage should be and in the constitution it self says marriage should between man and women.

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