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Social Media Essay

  • Submitted by: mcherrell
  • on June 2, 2014
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Social Media


Professor Steve Gaffen

Back in the 80’s, the library was a great place to gain knowledge. It was used to assist with factual research and useful information. Now, libraries are not that useful any more. Obtaining information today is not hard to do. Whether it is the internet, newspaper, or books, information is right at your fingertips and can be located by all ages. This paper will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of obtainable information and social media, how knowing these advantages and disadvantages can alter social media usage, and finally credibility of information that can arise from using the internet.
Everything has an advantage and disadvantage. Obtaining information is no different. The advantages of obtaining information are being able to use the internet, smartphones and other technology that is available anytime of the day. For example, the internet is available at work via PC, the smartphone can be used on the bus, and the table can be used at home to gather any information that is needed. Government control can be an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage would be blocking out inappropriate web-site that can be viewed by children. A disadvantage would be when the government has control over the information that is allowed to be viewed. According to (Campbell, 2014), “China controls what internet sites are viewed”. This would be a big disadvantage because the information that is controlled may be information needed to complete educational assignments and my even have factual/valuable information.
Next, social media advantages and disadvantages will be discussed. The advantages of social media would be to stay in contact with family and friends that are not living close to visit. For example, Facebook is the most viewed media site (Campbell, 2014). It allows people to communicate with people all over the world. Keeping in touch with family via this social media allows pictures to be posted and viewed,...

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