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Social Media for Rap Artists Essay

  • Submitted by: lantzmurray
  • on February 20, 2014
  • Category: Arts and Music
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One of the main and obvious reasons why a rapper would want to use social media is very simple. Social media is free! Traditional media promotion such as buying Lamar billboards or buying a slot on your local television stations can be very costly and expensive. Using social media your fans can instantly interact with you give you feedback and also buy your products if you have them available. I’m not saying traditional media is bad, because you can still communicate your message to millions using it. The only thing with traditional media is that, it’s harder to build that connection that you can easily build using social media.

When you use traditional media, a lot of the people you market to won’t even be your targeted demographic. You may be showing advertising to millions of old grandmothers who don’t care about hip hop singles or exclusive rap beats so showing them your ad isn’t profitable. Social media allows you to target people exclusively who will be interested in your rap beats, or trap music that you’re selling. Traditional media is very slow to change. If there was a big, fast growing trend, and you had social media, you could easily adapt to the trend. If you were using traditional media, you would make the change at a much slower rate.

The investment for social media is just your time and maybe a few bucks, if that. Traditional media forces you to make huge investments of hundreds or thousands, up front. To be able to interact with each fan and build a relationship with your fans is the key factor to being successful. Keep in mind that social media isn’t for everyone and that you should use it correctly to gain the most exposure for your music and for yourself as an artist.

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