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Social Studies Sba Essay

  • Submitted by: mgmgaskill
  • on February 21, 2013
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Peer Pressure
Definition of Peer Pressure:-
  * Social pressure by members of   one's pear group to take a certain action
  * To adopt certain values
  * To conform to be accepted


Peer Pressure is not the problem; it is the bad effects of Peer Pressure because it could be good or bad. Bad Peer Pressure is where an individual is found having some sort of pressure from his/her peers for them to conform to a particular something to be accepted. Which they finally give in to E.g. your peers encourage you to do homework and convince you that having sex doesn't make you a man or woman and that you shouldn't do it till you are married. This is good peer pressure where as the following is the bad peer pressure E.g.   Being led to believe that home work is not needed to be done or that having sex makes you a man or woman and do what is wrong. This form of peer pressure is what I want to survey people and find out if they will give in to it and do bad things!

Method of Investigation

My method of investigation is in the forms of questionnaires. A Questionnaire is a series or questions formed in a special way to collect specific data. I am using questionnaires because they can be giving to anybody of my choice and it is easy to collect data from it. One Disadvantage of this is that it can easily be misplaced or wrong data can be mistakenly collected. A questionnaire guarantees confidentially since respondents are not required to attach their names. My questionnaire has opened ended questions and close ended questions. Open ended questions are questions that require the writer’s personal opinion as an answer and close ended questions; you are given answers to chose from.    

Data Collection Instrument

Statement of Problem

To what extent has the family life, academic performance and sexual activities of teenagers in the community of...

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