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Soda Pops Essay

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  • on February 20, 2014
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A Beverage of Destruction

One sunny, spring morning, two friends are sitting down to brunch at an outdoor cafe. The waitress comes by to take their drink orders. “Hello, my name is Holly and I will be your server today. What can I get for you to drink?”
“I would like a small orange juice please,” says Guest #1.
“And I would like a large Coke,” says Guest #2.
“Great! I will be right back!” replies Holly the waitress.
After she leaves, Guest #1 says, “You still drink that stuff? I thought I had persuaded you to stop!”
“What, Coke? But I always drink a Coke in the morning! It keeps me awake ‘til lunch.” replies Guest #2.
This scene is typical of modern America. In the year 1998, more than 15 billion gallons of soda were sold in the USA alone which works out to at least one twelve-ounce can per day for every man, woman, and child in the country. Consumption of soft drinks has more than doubled since 1975 and more sodas are consumed than water (Vernotica). Many people might not be aware, but besides the sugar and caffeine, soda pop contains other additives, which are poisonous to the human body and can account for much of the declining health and increased obesity of Americans today. Americans must break this habit of drinking soft drinks just for the sugary taste or caffeine content.
Soft drinks are very high in sugar, which can suppress one’s immune system and impair his ability to defend against infectious diseases. Sugar has been proven to have many damaging effects including: osteoporosis, tooth decay, hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, reduced calcium levels, kidney disease, and cancer (Malkmus 46). Limiting sugar has been shown to save lives, so why not just drink sugar free sodas? Diet sodas that contain sugar substitutes like aspartame and Splenda are just as bad for one’s health as regular sugar if not worse. After finding out a friend, forty-nine-year-old Karis Moore, prefers diet sodas to regular, I asked if she notices any...

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