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Spending Too Much Time on Facebook Essay

  • Submitted by: Mary2592
  • on February 23, 2013
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "Spending Too Much Time on Facebook" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Mariya Sultanova
English 101-01
Problem-solving essay
29 October 2012
                                            Spending too Much Time on Facebook
              Nowadays many young people feel themselves lonely and purposeless. They prefer spending their free time at home, they do not to want go out with their peers, and their study is not successful. As a result, it causes big conflicts with their parents who do not want to see their children as a failure, so for many children there is only one way out of this situation is to commit suicide. What can cause such enormous negative effects? The answer is very simple: spending too much on Facebook. “Young people now devote an average of 7 hours, 38 minutes to daily media use, or about 53 hours a week — more than a full-time job” (Rubin). Facebook can influence teenagers’ physiological, emotional, and physical behaviors and can cause them to become dangerous for our society.
            Emotional and physiological problems appear: young people who spend much time on Facebook become more narcissistic; every minute they check their status, their wall posts, and their pages, and they cannot feel happy if they do not download their new photos and videos. Chris Carpenter from Western Illinois University notes, “Facebook gives those with narcissistic tendencies the opportunity to exploit the site to get the feedback they need and become the center of attention” (“Trending Stories”). These kinds of teenagers do not communicate with their peers who do not have any fascinating photos on Facebook and develop their high self-appraisal that can cause many absences from school. Parents who do not stop their children in time can be a witness anti-social behaviors and mania –aggressive tendencies in their children. Rosen, who has made a successful career about how technology influences people, says, “Middle and high school students, as well as college students, who checked their Facebook once during the...

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