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Spy High Essay

  • Submitted by: Karans
  • on February 21, 2013
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Part 1;

scene 1;
lexie- Bree, im not sure i want to do the mission

bree- but theres going to be cute boys , dances , popularity contests. in which i will always win...

lexie- not that! i mean how we have to   go there and meet new people. i was just fine in Spy Junior School! i dont want to go to Spy High!

bree-well if you stick with me you'll be the most popular sidekick

lexie- your the sidekick here!

bree-your know i dont like being called a siidekick! more like spy # 2!

scene 2;
rachelle- ohh jeferson high! ive finally made it! helo everyone!

cherry- whoah! slow down! this is your first day here! no one knows you yet!

rachelle- well you know me an its your first day too!

aubrey-move out of the way!

*in a sasy way*rachelle-and who are you!?

aubrey- im aubrey! the head cheerleader and most popular girl at school! *says prodley*

rachelle-well we'll see about that!

cherry- rachelle!

aubrey- huh? rachelle is it? im gonna keeep an eye out for you

rachelle- yeah! well remember my name so you can tell everyone who the new popular girl is at school!

aubrey-hmm! * walks away*

cherry-* says in amazment* wow! its only been five mineuts and you already have an enimy

scene 5;
lexie- umm? excuse me but is this seat taken?

rachelle- ok if your another mean girl then youve messed with the wrong girl!


rachelle- you did not just say what i think you sayed!!

lexie- all i asked was if the seat was taken!?

rachelle- ohh! sorry! i was to fired up. ive been practecing that all morning

lexie- umm? ok? well is this seat taken?

rachelle- oh,no sorry!

lexie- that ok!uhh whats ur name mines lexie

rachelle- im rachelle

lexie-well thats cool ive alreeady met someone in this class!

rachelle- dito!

part 2;

scene 1;
cherry- ohh hello there!

bree-ohh! hi! im bree! my best friends name is fred * holds up fred* my dogs name is bree and...

cherry- ohh my gosh! umm! you dont...

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