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Stalin Essay

  • Submitted by: shaneCombat
  • on February 22, 2013
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Title-Joseph Stalin
Text type- formal writing (re sit)
Date- 2/16/2013

Joseph Stalin was an icon of good and bad in world history. During his time of power in Russia, Stalin was responsible for a lot Russian citizens being killed. However this man has been overlooked by the world as he left a positive influence on Russia even after murdering the people of his country.

Stalin was appointed as the leader of Russia in 1929. He began to slaughter people about two and a half years after he became the leader of Russia. Between 1929 and Stalin’s death in 1953, he killed over 100 million people only because those people disagreed with his plans for Russia. His methods of murder were to isolate people and let them starve to death and hiring killers to impersonate as police officers to kill innocent civilians. According to history books Stalin’s punishment for everything was exile. Stalin had one goal; - raising the economy of Russia, and he succeeded but only at the cost of many people. Some people in Russia still believe that Stalin had a mental disability because he was traumatized by his childhood. And his mental illness made him kill all those people. It is a fact that Hitler killed only 55 million people during WWI and WWII. Interestingly, Staling managed to kill almost twice as much people in a much shorter period of time.

Stalin was well educated. In 1929 when he was appointed as the leader of Russia, his first decision was to create a Five Year Plan with the Soviet Union. Then he chose to block off all sources of media so no information about Russia will leave the country. This means that only the Russian citizens, the Soviet Union and Stalin would be aware of the things happening in Russia. Fortunately for Stalin all of this was happening during WWI and WWII so the entire world was not very concerned about what was happening in Russia. His cruelty was reviled to the world after his death. This shows that he truly did control the people of his country...

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