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Stand by Me by Rob Reiner Essay

  • Submitted by: annemarvel
  • on February 19, 2014
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The film Stand By Me by Rob Reiner, teaches young viewers about life. The film revolutionizes and challenges how young viewers perceive the world. Stand By Me follows a quartet of young inseparable boys on a elusive and irrevocable quest to discover a dead child's body, where they are suffused into the pressures of adolescence, and uncertainty. It delves into the troubled dispositions of each characters whom are ostracized by their families. It explores the coming of age, as the young boys move closer destination, tension arises as they are overwhelmed by the solemness of what they are to find. It also emphasises that death is an essential and inevitable part of life, as illustrated by the untimely death of a young boy, Ray Brower. Stand By Me teaches young viewers that experiences can alter relationships, which ordeals individuals' bonds of connection towards each other. This articulated through the utilization of diagetic sounds as well as camera angle/movements and editing techniques, in order to capture the characters' motifs, expressions and esteem.
The coming of age is a significant message conveyed in the film Stand By Me. This is scrutinized through the young boys Chris, Gordie, Teddy and Vern. This climax-near end scene is the convergence of the 'gangs' , where the two gangs are on the site of Ray Brower's body, a boy who was hit by a train. The scene between Ace, Chris and Gordie is imperative as it creates suspense, accumulated by the high-pitched diagetic sound of a violin, and has also transformed the rites of passage of each character. A diagetic sound of a gun blast was emit in the scene, and the camera cuts to a close up shot of Gordie holding a gun - "I'll kill you, I swear to God". This close up shot of Gordie holding a gun enforces that Gordie has purged himself of all child-like innocence and gullibility. Gordie and Chris have entered a new and perilous phase of their life, having been matured to an extent to have threatened Ace. This scene was...

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