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Stl in Schools Essay

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  • on February 20, 2014
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Describe how laws and codes of practice promote pupil wellbeing and achievement:
Schools are obliged to operate under current laws and legislations. The majority of laws and codes of practice which are required in schools are directly linked to the wellbeing and achievement of pupils; these are a summary of some of the laws and codes of practice.

In 1989 the UNCRC was drawn up. The UK signed it on 19th April 1990 and ratified it on 16th December 1991; it then came into force in the UK on the 15th January 1992.
The convention states that every child has:
  * The right to protection from any form of discrimination.
  * All children have an equal right to education.
  * The right to be heard and their views considered.
  * The right to be treated fairly (including changing laws and practices that are unfair on children).
  * The right to be healthy.

The Education Act 2002
There have been many educational acts and they will continue to be updated with each corresponding year. The 2002 Act brought in a few changes to school regulations, staffing and governance. The 2002 Act also included a provision (section 175) requiring school governing bodies, local education authorities and further education institutions to make arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.
It was further amended in 2006 to include a duty of schools to promote community cohesion. This means schools are required to work alongside other community based organisations to develop links and a shared sense of belonging, while valuing the contributions of different individuals and communities.

The Children Act 2004/2006
The Children Act 2004 came in alongside the Every Child Matters framework and had a huge impact on the way in which schools address issues of care, discipline and welfare. The 2004 Act updates but does not supersede The Children Act 1989. The Act provides a legislative spine for the wider strategy for improving lives, it covers the...

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