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Stop-and-Frisk Essay

  • Submitted by: OSNhunter13
  • on February 25, 2014
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It’s not new to hear people talk about the famous NYPD policy known as “stop-and-frisk”, which that has become a popular topic of debate. According to the policy, the police of New York City can stop anyone who looks “suspicious”, question them and search for any sort of weapon or drug. I, for one, disapprove of the stop-and frisk policy, despite the number of positive results this policy has shown, and the people that approve of it. Despite my disapproval, I still agree on some points of its use to help keep the city and its citizens safe. On one hand, stop-and –frisk has decreased the number of illegal guns being carried and used, as well as the decreased other illegal contraband, such as drugs. On the other hand, there have been thousands of cases where innocent citizens are stopped and arrested unreasonably, and in many cases there’s been suspicion of racial profiling being used.

According to Joe Lhota, who approves of the policy, “stop, question and frisk keeps illegal guns off our city streets” and “helped to save thousands of lives.” Although it is true that a great number of people were caught with something potentially dangerous and illegal, this does not apply in all cases. Based on researches, victims and eye witnesses, NYPD officers have stopped people, sometimes more than once a day, who were seen as “suspicious”. These people, on occasions, have been arrested and then sometimes were physically and verbally abused. Some who are reading this might say “well the person can get violent, which can cause the police officer to verbally or physically defend themselves.” Again, that is not the case for many, where the police came and started a scene, even when the citizen had not said or done anything to provoke them. This sort of behavior is explained by a NYPD veteran on NYPD Outta Control : Short Documentary On NYPD's Stop And Frisk Policy! 2012, a video documentary on YouTube; where he admits that some police officers provoke citizens in order to have...

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