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Strategic Business Plan

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Final Strategic Plan
Terri Parker
January 13, 2014
Gary LaRoy

Final Strategic Plan
Conceptualizing a Business:   Part I

  * Day spas provide a variety of services to their customers.   Most day spas are in a building designed for customers to enjoy a massage, facial, or other body treatment.   Typical day spas provide treatments like sea salt scrubs and mud wraps.   Many even provide lunch or other luxurious items at an extravagant price.   Terri’s Traveling Day Spa creates an environment for the customer outside of “norm” at no cost unless products are purchased at the end of the party.  
  * Terri’s Traveling Day Spa turns the customer’s home into their own personal day spa.   Our consultants seek to provide each customer with an enjoyable and relaxing paradise within the comfort of their own home.   The day spa specializes in facials, skin rejuvenation and repair, make-overs and body wraps.   Consultants are trained to provide consultation and training, make-over tips and techniques, and assistance with skin irritations and changes due to hormones and aging.   Each spa experience rejuvenates the body and mind while creating a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.
  * The business will provide quality products and services to each customer to complete their day of relaxation and pampering.   Terri’s Traveling Day Spa accommodates individual or group events, relaxing moments at home with a one-on-one consultation, or any themed or special occasion.   Customers have the option to purchase products which are available at the time of service.   Special items may be ordered and delivered in a timely manner so that the customer feels as they are receiving special treatment.   Customers are the focal point and will be treated as if they are the most important person at the time of service and at each connection thereafter.
  * Employees will stand behind the corporation at every turn and work with honor and integrity.   Each employee will act morally and...

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