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The Exorcist was released on December 26, 1973 and was written by William Peter Blatty and directed by William Friedkin. Their budget was $10,497,444. In 2004 The Exorcist made $357,500,000 worldwide.   The movie began in Northern Iraq where Father Merrin a Catholic priest, was on an archeological dig. He and his crew found a satanic artifact. Upon finding it, they were surrounded by eerie omens and came face to face with another demonic statue. This image of Merrin and the statue squaring off was one of the most important shots in the film. “In that single image, Friedkin summed up the theme of the film in its entirety: there are forces at work that are larger than ourselves; there is good, there is evil, and mankind generally finds itself somewhere in the middle, struggling for identity.” (Film Club, 2007) From Iraq, the film moved to Georgetown where actress Chris MacNeil is in the middle of filming a movie. She was set up in a home with her happy, healthy 12-year-old daughter Regan.
One day Regan found an Ouija Board in the basement of their home and she began to communicate with someone she called “Captain Howdy.” Not long after playing the Ouija Board, Regan began acting unlike herself. She mouthed obscenities, was abusive to her mother, and she suffered uncontrollable seizures. After countless visits to various doctors, Regan was subjected to very painful, invasive medical and psychiatric tests. After all these tests, they still did not have an answer. The only explanation was that science had failed and maybe religion could help. As Regan’s condition worsened, an exorcism was suggested. Father Karras, a psychologist and priest who had recently been questioning his faith, was asked to perform the exorcism. Together, Fathers Karras and Merrin faced down the demon possessing the young girl, a demon who claimed to be Satan himself. During the long ceremony, Merrin's heart gave out and he died.   Karras lost complete control, and, giving up on the Bible, began...

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