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Studio Arts Proposal Essay

  • Submitted by: sarahbahsa1
  • on February 22, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
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The theme that I have decided to explore this year is different moods through Nature. For example, if it’s a cold, windy, stormy day you may feel unhappy, tired and can’t be bothered to do things. What made me choose nature is the fact that it’s everywhere around us every day. Nature is such a beautiful theme to do because you can look in to it in lots of detail.
During this unit I would like to explore different kinds of material and techniques, such as clay (how to use it), water colours and acrylic paints. Clay would be a great area to explore because I’ve explored it once and it would be lovely to go further with it again e.g. building structures.
The art movement that I have chosen is Impression. With the movement impression and the theme of Nature I would like to express emotions and feelings with it. While I will be completing my two major projects, I am sure that I am going to develop different brush strokes skills. During this time I am aiming on using elements such as colour, texture, line and shape. I will be using principles such as harmony, balance and focal point.
Also, during this time I am going to look into an amazing artist that I have admired his work for years now. Claude Monet is an impressionism painter. Claude Monet impressionism work has inspired me to choose my movement impressionism, not just only the movement that has inspired me to admire his work, also his beautiful inspiring natural themes that he communicates in his paintings (which most are outdoor themes of flowers and other natural objects).
I’ve learnt from my pervious mistakes that I should always have a backup plan in case I fail to do something right or if something doesn’t go well. I’ve also learnt that I should plan out my project more than once before starting it. For me to be able to succussed like Claude Monet I will need to do the following things that are listed above.
What I would love to do this unit that has been my goal for a while now is, to create a piece of...

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