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Study Drugs Essay

  • Submitted by: sirbay
  • on February 20, 2014
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Study drugs

Students in America want to perform well during their school time, so they have a chance of getting a scholarship at best universities in the country. Some Americans spend all their nights preparing for exams, because they cannot do it in the afternoon due to their sports and social life. Therefore many nights are spend studying hard for exams, so the teacher will not fail them and by that prevent them from getting their dream shattered. However, this tight and packed schedule causes the young Americans to get really exhausted and overloaded, and later on it might even cause stress. In the meantime, this complex of problems seems to have got a solution. A solution that is so effective that most people never would have imagined. Unfortunately, there is a problem with the solution, due the fact that the solution is ‘study drugs’ or scientifically speaking - cognitive enhancers.

Addiction to drugs is a very serious problem, because of the continued involvement with a substance despite negative consequences. The consequence usually provides a sense of pleasure in the beginning, and can only be achieved through drug use.   Physiological dependence occurs because your body actually adapts the drug’s chemises. Therefore your body actually needs the drug to function properly. The psychological addiction comes from the fact that the chemical reactions make you feel good. This makes your mind constantly crave those positive feelings and emotions, which make you, want the drugs more and more, like alcohol or nicotine or in this case – study drugs.

As David Sack clearly states in his blog article called: “Do 'Study Drugs' Breed a Nation of Winners – or Cheaters?”, there are a lot of consequences regarding this particular form of drug abuse. The “smart pill” has invaded the American colleges and the students like it. But David Sack asks why? Back in the old days, drug enhancers used to be a problem in the gym. In David’s experience, the hopeful students,...

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