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  • Submitted by: deedeensofor
  • on February 18, 2014
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Dee-Dee Nsofor
Professor Tim Castro
English 1302
27 January 2014
Your Brain Lies to You Summary
In “Your Brain Lies to You,” Sam Wang and Sandra Aamodt explain how the human brain is wired to recall store, and restore information in a very particular way. The way our brain stores memories and information somewhat causes us to believe almost anything and even become blind to the facts. Wang and Aamodt also argue that journalists and campaign workers are taking the wrong approach towards getting information corrected. They claim that the human brain disconnects data from its original source, making the information itself more important than it credibility. Even though the brain is very useful and helps break things down cognitively, the brain is a suspect of misleading its owner.
The writer implies that the brain does not gather and stock pile information as a computer’s hard drive does. Somewhat meaning that a computer sometimes function better than the human brain when recording information. Unlike a computer’s hard drive, people’s brain does not store new information without interfering with the old material. A computer is able to save and recall data whenever it is challenged and demanded. Dissimilar from a computer, a person’s brain does not ask them if they would like to save the new data in a separate file or overwrite the old information. In other words, if a person was to hear two statements that are slightly similar, most likely the brain will save and remember only one of the reports.  
Wang and Aamodt describes that source amnesia is the reason people hear things and forget weather what they heard is true or not. A study done on the Stanford students concluded that people were more likely to make opinions and judgments from information learned or overheard in the past. The student’s decisions were determined by something they heard or thought they knew rather than knowing the credibility, accuracy, or where the research was originally...

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