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Summer of a Life Time Essay

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  • on February 18, 2014
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Austin coleman



Go Big or Go Home

State championship running through my mind. A win tomorrow will be huge for

me. My team running circles around our opponents with a staggering undefeated

record, going sixteen wins and zero losses. Fans called us the untouchables. My

teammate Ryan Anderson stunning pitchers with a .687 batting average! Ryan was so

hot this year he bypassed the previous record with flying colors! The previous record

was a .598 batting average. That is a whopping .089 difference!

My name is Jack Hanson, this year I was named the all American pitcher in

Minnesota. My ERA (earn run average) was the lowest in the state. I was in the top

ten pitchers in the nation, the fifth to be exact. My ERA was a jaw dropping .87. My

team named me the team captain with Ryan. Ryan and I led the west central high to

the state championship. We went to go talk with coach Schak to come up with a game

plan against the previous state champions. As a whole team, they were hitting the ball

with a 3.38 batting average and they led the state in batting average. They too were

undefeated. Today coach wanted me to practice hitting the corners and keeping the ball

low. I had no problem with this but it was unusual. I throw the ball ninety-six miles per

hour. To be honest, the fans gave me the nickname “lights out” and would say “let’s go

lights out”. It seemed that anyone I faced couldnt hit my heat.

During practice I was working on hitting the corners of the strike zone and

today I was really struggling. I was getting really frustrated! Coach had a knot in is

throat. If I didn’t perform tomorrow the state championship was as good as gone. One

thing I’ll never forget coach telling me as he walked up to me after practice and said,

“kid we live or die with you”. At first it was a good feeling knowing coach had faith in

me. I went home later that night and I was trying to go to...

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