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Supply Chain Task 2 Essay

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JCT2 Task 2

A1. When planning the builds of the computer I wanted to build something powerful enough for engineers. I wanted a desktop that could run the most demanding programs needed by engineers and the same for the laptop. When deciding on naming I went with something generic such as d1000 which was for the desktop model and z100 for the mobile workstation. I went with these names just because it was simple and I wasn’t able to come up with anything that would fit for a computer name.
The company I was shooting for was geared to target engineers. Therefor my components of each machine were based off the needs of these users along with my own idea on what should be involved due to my real world activities in 3D modeling.
For the d1000 (Mercedes), I chose for the machine to be fast and powerful that way it could handle the applications that would be used on it by the owner. It also came with scientific/engineering software and a large monitor for easy viewing. This setup was based off the top 8 needs that users expected to see in this model of computer.
For the z100, I geared it towards what those who were interested in the Mercedes model computer. It was fast and powerful, came with engineering software and was portable. The sales for this item never took off because it wasn’t what others were looking for in a portable device. They wanted something that was inexpensive and contained office application and the z100 was geared to target engineers. This was a mistake on my part which I quickly realized after the second quarter results.
A2. I chose the markets Mercedes and Traveler because they interested me the most since I could relate to them personally. After half way through the simulation I saw that the Traveler market was not working so I switched it with the workhorse which seemed to be doing well for the other groups. After switching, my sales went up tremendously and no money was being wasted in production. If I were to start the simulation over I...

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