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Syrian Civil War and Migration Essay

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Syrian Civil War and Migration:
The Syrian civil war started on 15th march 2011. Since then there is unrest in Syria. From 2011 to 2013, horrific incidents have taken pace.
Why war:
The main reason for this war was the objection of the Syrian civilians to the leadership of the Ba’ath government. The conflicts kept increasing which led to the violence rising to an extreme level.  
Impact of war:
Thousands of people lost their lives.
People were displaced forcing them to migrate.
Tremendous damage to the city.
The entire country is in a state of turmoil.
Use of chemical weapon:
The Syrian government did the most inhuman act possible by using chemical weapons on their own civilians.
People flee to other countries in order to survive and to find peace for their families. Due to lack of international connections, millions of people have migrated to neighboring countries refugee camps such as in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, etc.
Refugee camps
Life in refugee camps is full of hardships. The refugees are left to the mercy of the host country. Though the host countries try their best to provide basic necessities of life to the refugees, things are limited. Inadequate food and water supply, poor sanitation, increased health risk facors and no or less education for the children. Hard to find job opportunities and increased crime rate.
We all have learnt over the past few months, there are different types of migration, thanks to critical assignments. But the one caused due to war, is the most remorseful. No guarantee of the next meal, of a pure drop of water, of shelter. No guarantee of life.   I would leave you all with some food for thought. How would u feel if ur future was uncertain?

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