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Take the Test Learn the Lesson Essay

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  • on June 5, 2014
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University Student Essay About the Republic of Plato

Has anyone ever noticed that in school, you learn the lesson before you take the test? It’s almost never really that way in reality. In reality, you end up taking the test before you learn the lesson. Truth is, Education is far, far more than simply learning from the textbook. In “The Republic of Plato”, Plato addresses several topics that are designed to educate The Guardians and The Rulers in his ideal society. They include formative stories, mimesis, music, balance of body and mind, being comfortable with the good things, self-control, sex, and ordeals. Among these eight topics, there are four topics that I can relate to in my own experience in education that has shaped who I am today: Polemarchus, who believes in doing good to friends and harm to your enemies , and Plato’s ideas of mimesis, music, and the balance of body and mind.  
It’s almost comical that in a hellish place like public school, you can make lifelong friends. When I was in elementary, I had an intense close knit of about six friends. In all honesty, I was a twelve-year-old ready to have altercations with anyone who would ever hurt my companions. This friendship carried over into the first year of junior high and it was then I learned to see the world as Polemarchus sees it. He describes justice as doing good to your friends and harm to your enemies . I had been driven to believe that a friend had actually become my enemy and I should do her harm. Like true catty thirteen year olds, the only harm one can really do is gossip and spread lies. Once the tables turned and I had become the enemy in this circle of friends, I was being harmed by the same things I had done. It’s not the proudest moment I have, but I continued to strive forward on with life.
I keep taking the same test throughout the years, but I’m learning something different each time. What Polemarchus says rings true, but there are little catches that I have learned...

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