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Tale of Two Cities Essay

  • Submitted by: latimomo
  • on February 23, 2013
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Absolute Power: Pollution
    Too much power, in the wrong hands, is a pollutant that corrupts, whereas, power in the right hands is something good. In A Tale of Two Cities, power is abused, but later, power is a heavy responsibility. Dickens portrays the two sides in which power is considered good and power is considered evil by using imagery.
    Dickens uses imagery to portray the good of being powerful. Charles Darnay, an aristocrat, has an estate in France. While is in England with his family, he writes to Monsieur Gabelle, a servant, and asks him to share his wealth and his food with the plight of the poor townspeople. This shows that having power is not a fault. Darnay uses his power to share with the poor common peoples that live near the estate. This shows that power, in the right hands,   is sometimes a good feature. Moreover, when Darnay receives a letter from Gabelle, who is imprisoned, who needs his help. Darnay, being an aristocrat, believes that he can save Gabelle, even though he is condemned by the revolutionaries in France. Again, Darnay has a good soul and he risks his life to save the life of another. This shows that having power is sometimes not a pollutant.
    Dickens also uses imagery to portray the negative side of having a lot of power. The Marquis, Darnay’s father, is a wealthy aristocrat. He and his brother use their power to hurt a peasant family , and the Marquis’ younger brother rapes the young peasant girl of the family. The Marquis and his younger brother abuse their power and they feel that they can do anything they want. This shows that that sometimes too much power can be a curse. Furthermore, the younger brother of the Marquis becomes the new figurehead of the family. As he is riding in his carriage, he runs over and kills the son of Gaspard, a peasant,   and he throws a golden coin at Gaspard. The death of a child cannot be paid for. He feels that because he is the Marquis, he can do anything. This shows that sometimes power...

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