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Taryn Essay

  • Submitted by: taryn2016
  • on February 19, 2014
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There are around seven billion in the world, and almost all of them hold a unique title.   A name is a word or set of words by which a person is known, addressed, or referred to.   Each name has one or more definitions.   Sometimes a name can describe an individual perfectly, but most often it is completely irrelevant to his or her personality.   My name is Taryn.   It has multiple unrelated meanings; some apply to me, while others do not.
In Latin, Taryn means “of the earth” or “rocky hill”.   According to Scandinavian language, it means “little princess or queen”.   Taryn first came about in America when celebrity Tyrone Powers and his wife gave the name to their child.   For this reason, Taryn is thought to be a feminine version of Tyrone.   Today, it is more often considered a combination of Tara and Erin.  
To learn more about my name and why it was chosen for me, I interviewed my mother, Teresa.   My parents wanted to name their first born Taylor, but instead were blessed with a boy, Tyler.   My mother feared that Tyler and Taylor sounded too similar.   They decided to combine my brother’s first and middle names (Tyler Aaron) and came up with Taryn.   My parents spelled my name the way they did because they wanted both my brother and me to have a “y” in our names.   When she picked my name for me, she had no clue of its etymological definition; she believed she had created it herself.   When asked if the name Taryn fit my personality, my mother said, “Yes, it fits you perfectly because you always want and deserve to be treated like a princess”.   Based off the Scandinavian meaning she would still pick that name for me now.   The word my mom chose to describe me is perfectionist.   She said that I strive for perfection in every single thing I do, and I have a dire need to be right 24/7.
A value word is a word that stands for an idea.   The word I chose to describe myself is outgoing.   It means “socially confident and friendly”.   The word outgoing originated in the mid 1300s;...

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