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Teacher Essay

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  • on June 1, 2014
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Working With Children Unit One Review
Childcare - the care or supervision of another's child, especially at a day-care center.
What are the factors that affect childhood in the past and now in the present?
Health- before the 20th century, diseases caused death in almost every family, particularly among children. Today, many deadly diseases can be controlled.
Education- schools were small & often children of different abilities and ages were in the same class. Today, students are grouped according to age and sometimes learning levels.
Work- children were expected to work at an early age. Today, most young children are only expected to work at growing.
Love- one thing that has not changed throughout the years is children’s need for love. Parents work hard to build a good life for their children and to raise them as moral, or ethical, people who are also responsible and independent.
Play- in the past, children had far fewer toys and they were simple. Parents often made toys for their children by hand. Toys back then, encouraged children to use their imagination. Nowadays the variety of toys seems endless. Many toys are electronic and do not use imagination although they still read books and play with other traditional toys.
Dress- children dressed more formally in the past. Both genders often wore long gowns (infants and toddlers). Today, casual clothes for boys and girls are often similar in style. It is not uncommon for an infant to wear a onesie or t-shirt.
Families’ power point
Family is: any combination of two or more people who are bound together over time by ties of mutual consent, birth, adoption or placement and who together assume important responsibilities.
Nuclear Family: composed of two parents and one or more biological adopted children living together. In traditional nuclear families, the male was the money earner and the female stayed home; nowadays this may be reversed.
Extended Family: composed of parents, children, aunts, uncles, cousins,...

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