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Team Work Essay

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Salman Fazli , co owner of Kamameshi restaurant , was sitting in his room, thinking about the newly recruited staff at his restaurant. Mr. Fazli, a good leader with excellent leadership skills was upset that the new members have not been performing up to the mark as expected by the management. . Despite clear performance expectations for each role were explained to the employees by the HRM manager after recruiting them, there was a mismatch between the expectations and the performance of the employees. Sales were plummeting, and weekends which were good sales days for the restaurant were seeing a low turnout from customers. Moreover, an incident took place nearly a week ago where the new employee Mr. XYZ nearly messed up a situation that might have resulted in a customer being lost. These instances can prove deadly for the business in the future.
The concerns were grave as a crisis was brewing.   Mr. Fazli was planning an overall meeting with his managers to quickly address the problems pertaining to his restaurant. He was of the view that quick necessary steps should be taken as soon as possible so that the restaurant continues to deliver best experience of dinning to the customers.  

Mr.XYZ had a degree in Bachelor of commerce in 2009 from Karachi University and was a Muhajir.   He was unable to continue his education afterwards due to financial problems. During the last four years, he had varied experience from working in call centres to serving at different fast food restaurants. Serving at restaurants was kind of relatively new for Mr XYZ as he had only 7 months experience in this field. Some questions were raised on the Hr manager for the selection of Mr. XYZ . As the HR manager was a muhajir, the management had concerns whether his biases are coming in to play in the recruitment process and whether the decision made by him was in the best interest for the business. The questions seemed to be valid as previously HR manager rejected applicants who were not...

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