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Terror Group in Columbia Essay

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  • on February 19, 2014
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Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)
Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)
Organizational structure
Political objectives
Alliances, alignments & proxies
Recruiting and target populations
Major actions
Strategies, tactics, and weaponry
Suppression efforts – successful; unsuccessful; prognosis
      The FARC emerged between and 1958 during the ''La Violencia'' period in Colombian history. Violence between Liberals and Conservative political parties led to the deaths of about 300,000 Colombians. The Liberals organized and armed themselves to fight the Conservative-led government in the mountainous regions of the country. Manuel Marulanda (Tirofijo) formed such group called the Marquetalia Republic based on military self-defense and economic self-management. Their major aim was to introduce Marxism in Colombia through overthrowing the government of the day.
      The Colombian military attacked Marulanda's Marquetalia Republic in May of 1964. Marulanda was able to escape with a few followers. This was after drafting and signing the founding document of FARC. The FARC agreed upon an internal hierarchy and a collective strategy. The terrorist group would go on and hold conferences every 2-4 years to agree on methods of conduct, political platforms and new strategies.
      In the year 1982, the group had reached approximately 3000 members, and they adopted the suffix -EP "Ejercito Del Pueblo"(People's Army) in order to use the tactics and ideology of the revolutionary army. They changed their approach to guerrilla warfare during the 7th Conference. Their plan was to recruit more peasants, enhance forces in the Eastern Mountain Range, attack the government and seize Bogota (Ugarriza & Craig, 2013).
      In 1984, FARC signed a peace agreement with the government through the "Uribe Accords" where FARC had to convert into a political force. On its part, FARC would agree to...

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