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Testing a Theory Essay

  • Submitted by: all4school
  • on February 23, 2013
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A theory that I tested would be when we recently went to my grandmother’s funeral. I went with my husband and we bought three of our children. The trip was pretty expensive because we had to purchase flights at the last minute, and it wasn’t until we got to the airport that my husband and I realized that we had to pay for every checked bag. The rates were $25.00 for anything fewer than fifty pounds and all of our bags were between twelve and fifteen pounds. I had inquired about taking them on the plane as a carry-on and was told that I was unable to that because we already had backpacks and I had my purse.

Armed with this knowledge I was determined to make some adjustments so we could save at least fifty dollars, if not more, on our way back. With the exception of mine, everyone had collapsible duffle bag.

So four days later when we returned home I made sure that we were able to fit all of our things into my suitcase and then we could put everything else in the backpacks and take it on the plane as a carryon.   I did not conduct any research other than weighing the suitcase before we got the airport.

When testing a theory researchers and psychologist take the necessary precautions to make sure their information is accurate which is what I did before leaving for the airport.

Finally, when we got to the airport to check our bags their scale confirmed that the suitcase weight was 51.6 pounds, 3 pounds more then my sister’s scale had indicated. Then I took out my son’s jacket out and wrapped it around his waist and that put us at 48.7 pounds. In this situation, the only think I would have done differently is I would have had all of us use one large suite case.

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