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Th Agreement of Truth Essay

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  • on February 28, 2014
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The Agreement of Truth:
The Exploration of Ones Use of Their Word in an Impeccable Manor

In the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz one of the agreements that spoke most to me was the commitment to be impeccable with your word. As Ruiz said in his story “when you lie to the world you are lying to yourself”. (Ruiz 1997) It is my intent to explore the implications of being impeccable with one’s word, and in so doing gain a better understanding of the Agreement. First I will explore the implications of a white lie, then the metaphysical implications and follow it up with an everyday view of how being impeccable with one’s word affects our daily life. It is the opinion of some that our word is our honor, our honor being the only thing we have in life. While this is a narrow life view for me personally, I still think that its values are relevant to us.
Many times we believe that our lie is small or a “white lie” which doesn’t hurt anyone. This is a misconception of perception because it does hurt us. If you lie to make yourself seem more than you are, you have lessened yourself. If you tell someone a lie to get out of trouble, you cause trouble for yourself. If you tell someone a lie to comfort them, you hurt them by distorting their perception of the reality as perceived by you. The concept also applies outside of just lying. If applied correctly to your life it can completely change the way you interact with the world and those around you. An example I shared as an anecdotal in class recently, while being impeccable with my word I can say that I am not good at most sports. In fact I would state that I suck at them, but I am good at being funny about sucking at sports, as was pointed out in class. In the last two statements I have been impeccable with my word accepting the reality and letting myself accept that as a part of me.
One of the first things Ruiz touched on in the text was the concept of one’s word backed by intent creates change in the world around...

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