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That Was Then, This Is Now Essay

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  • on February 28, 2014
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“Like a friend once said to me, ‘that was then, and this is now.’”   S.E. Hinton’s novel, That was then, This is now. Deals with a changing relationship between the novels two main characters, Mark and Bryon, who were like brothers. The title sums up their change and Bryon’s attitude to life. Bryon can be compared to Mark by examining how and why he changes to the following events such as going out with Cathy, Charlies death, The circle of violence and M&M and drugs.
Going out with Cathy was the first main event that changes Bryon; Bryon is in a serious relationship with Cathy unlike his past relationships like when he went out with Angela. While Bryon is going out with Cathy he starts spending more time with her other than Mark, this makes Mark get jealous of Cathy, Cathy is also not so impressed with Mark because she does not like his violence. While Mark is not to fussed with Bryon and Cathy going out he seems not to like Bryon spending more time with her and not him. “Mark doesn't like me much, does he… for the first time I was sick of her honesty… you don’t like him either… I guess we’re fighting over you. Isn't that funny?”   This starts the change in Bryon because Cathy is making Bryon grow up.
Charlie’s death also contributed to the changes in Bryon, this event really hits Bryon hard because he blames the whole incident on himself and he knew that if they went hustling it would never of happened. “Charlie is dead! He was all set for life, he wasn't gonna get drafted… He was all set, and then we blew it for him”   Even though this really hit Bryon it didn't affect Mark all that much he just said that these things just happen. “We didn't blow nothing, Bryon. Things happen, that’s all there is to it.”  
The circle of violence really made Bryon grow up because he was just really sick of the endless beating each other up. The circle of violence really affects him when he gets beaten up by the Shepard gang for when Mark cut of Angela’s hair, it is also a...

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