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The Art of Communication Essay

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The art of communications is an important tool in the pursuit of our professional success and goals.   Whether we are communicating with our families, co-workers, customers or subordinates the methods that we use to get a point across will have a significant impact on our success or lack thereof.
    To have effective communications there always has to be two variables, a sender and a receiver.     In order for the two variables to work a couple of things have to take place.   1.   The sender has to be able to articulate exactly what he intends to for the receiver to receive.   2.   The receiver must understand the exact information that the sender is intending to transmit.   Most problems occur in communication when people fail to properly communicate and/or process the intended information (Misty, Jaggers, Lodge, Atlon, Mericle, Frush, Meliones, 2008).
    In any coaching or leadership positions, the method at which an individual delivers his message will establish it effectiveness.     During the delivery of a message there are two elements that will be received: content and context.   An example of improper context would be while coaching middle school children the use of a college level vocabulary will not register with the intelligence level of this group.   However, if we limit the use of our acquired college vocabulary, the audience at hand will normally receive our message with open arms.  
    The next element of sending your message is the context, the nonverbal aspect of your message.   Research has shown that 68 percent of human communication is nonverbal. And this expands to 93 percent in first impressions. This 93 percent is especially important when you we are dealing with individuals in the workplace for the first time (Rosdahl, 2007).   One thing to keep in mind is that context goes both ways; you’re giving off non-verbal impressions yourself just as you’re interpreting it from your audience.   So when speaking to new employees during an...

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