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The Company Man Essay

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  • on June 1, 2014
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1. Introduction
-Phil was defined as. “The Company Man”.  
-his whole life is dedicated to works. As a vice-president, he is ambitious in getting escalated to “the top spot” in the company.
-tuy nh, his exaggerate addiction to work caused him excessive troubles instead of benefits
-cai bai viet nay aims to examine the reason why he got addicted to work and the impact on his personal life, his family and himself.

  2. Cause of his life style
-There are so many reasons that cause Phil to concentrated in working
  * h loves working, ambitious about escalating to the higher position and he has no outside “extracurricular interest.”
      * Because he knows that if his “president died or retired soon enough,” he is one of six candidates that has a chance to “move to the top spot.
      * +, as a very responsible person, he always worries about his company and spend almost of his time to work
      * That makes him become a workaholic. He focuses on working with a high-level of determination
      * Vi vay,   Phil doesn’t have anytime left for himself. Even going to the golf game is nearly impossible for him
      * His lifestyle is ruined, since he has no outside activities besides works.

  3. Effect on his family
  * h addiction to work has tons of negative impacts on his personal life away from the work place
  * sin Phil is too busy with work, he has no time left for his family.
  * Helen, a “forty-eight year old woman who worked in an office before marrying and mothering” must give up everything to take care their children when they were very small.
  * Incidentally, in Phil’s funeral, when Phil’s company friend said, “I know how much you will miss him” and she replied: “I already have.” Phil’s wife implied that while he was already separated from his family for years before his death.

  * Ko may man, his relationship with his wife is faded due to his obsession of work.
  * Hon nua, his relationship with his “dearly beloved”...

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