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The Effects on a Society When Its Youths Are Poorly-Educated Essay

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Below is an essay on "The Effects on a Society When Its Youths Are Poorly-Educated" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

It is an assessment providing the manager with a more assessment of their effectiveness, and their performance and development needs. It uses trait methods such as graphic rating scales, essay method to get the performance rating.
360-degree performance appraisals: More value, or just more to ignore?
Although it seems like performance evaluations should be a logical and productive part of an employee’s development, they are often not anything more than ignored. We have all heard comments similar to: “Why should we do these appraisals at all? Employees just ignore them and the company spends more money on these programs without getting any results” or “I don’t see the point; I never get anything that actually helps me improve my performance!”
Statements like these reflect a widely-accepted reality: few people seem to value performance appraisals. Employees often consider the process biased, with unsupported ratings that do not reflect the work they actually do. The appraisal either just pats them on the back, or criticizes them with no workable suggestions for improvement. Their review has become just another distraction during the annual (or less frequent) evaluation process. On the other hand, managers for the most part aren’t equipped to give productive feedback; often they are afraid to provide negative feedback because of legal threats or they do not want to adversely affect someone’s already small bonus; they are forced to spend hours filling out detailed forms and looking up figures or trying to remember specifics to evaluate their direct reports.
But hold on Bucky, there is a way to do performance evaluations more effectively, a way to save the process from becoming disregarded. Multi-rater or “360-degree” appraisals can provide an accurate and acceptable way to evaluate performance while saving managers time and effort.
360-degree appraisals are founded on the idea that any employee’s performance is seen by many others–their manager, peers, direct...

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