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The Extrapyramidal System Essay

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Briauna pope

The Extrapyramidal System
The extrapyramidal system is a neural network apart of the motor system. It controls all involuntary movements, reflexes and coordination. This system lies in the reticular formation of the pons and medulla to target the nerves living in the spinal cord. The system works by modifying neural impulses that come from the cerebral cortex which are then sent to the systems nuclei; basal ganglia. To work, the extrapyramidal system centers on the modulation and regulation of anterior horn cells. *NOTE CARD*-- The Extrapyramidal system is important and vital for us to have because it maintains equilibrium, coordination, posture, muscle tone and our reflexes. In order to be able to move our brain sends neural impulses to our muscles to get a certain muscle or several to move. However, if the system doesn't work right it can lead to a number of disabilities and diseases. Next, I have several examples of disabilities that were most noticeable in our lives today. First off, is Tremors. Tremors are rhythmic periodic movements of body parts. There are four different kinds of Tremors including: Resting Tremors, Postural Tremors, and Action Tremors and Terminal tremors. Resting tremors occur when the body is at rest (laying down, sitting, sleeping etc.). Postural tremors can occur when the body is maintained against gravity. Action Tremors occur when the body is moving or in action (sports, exercising, walking, etc.). Last but not least Terminal Tremors when the body nears a target for an example cerebellar circuit problems. In the picture you can see that an elderly person is shaking the tea cup. That is a perfect example of tremors and often comes with old age. 50% of essential Tremors are hereditary. Some tremors can also occur when it becomes a symptom of an even larger disease. Diseases like Parkinson's disease, Wilson’s disease and peripheral neuropathy may cause symptomatic tremors. Second, is Myoclonus Myoclonus is repetitive...

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