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The Game of Cricket Essay

  • Submitted by: Cburgundy
  • on March 1, 2014
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“The origins of cricket are obscured, unrecorded and the source of much speculation.” (“A Brief History of cricket”, 2012).   The first ever citation of the game of cricket took place in Kent, England in 1646 and past court records show fines being imposed on those who missed church on Sundays to play cricket in the late 1600 and   early 1700s.   Cricket is an internationally wide sport, which comes in third in world sports behind soccer and basketball.   This is a game of specifics; the ball must be of a specific weight and dimensions, and although the bat does not have a weight requirement, it cannot exceed a certain length
    The game is played in a circle in the grass called the ground, by teams that consist of 11 players each. The wicket, which consist of three stumps lateral to each other, with three wooden bails on top, is the most essential part to this game. The bowler stands in the middle of the pitch, and bowl the ball at the batter, while the batters partner stands in front of the opposite wicket. As the bowler pitch, the batter will prevent the ball from hitting the wicket, while hitting the ball. After hitting the ball to a length that will give them a god run advantage, the batter and his partner run past each other to the opposite wickets and touch them with their bats. Each time they pass each other while the ball is outfield, they scores points.
    The team who scores the most runs, win the game. In the beginning of its time, until a few decades back Cricket was a wealthy man’s game, with the players and fans being of noble blood and businessman. However in today’s world this game is more of a middle class sport. In Asia, Europe, Middle East and the Caribbean,   Cricket is a major sport with an immense fanfare, increasing population of players and coaches and a great rise in interest from the world media. In Asia, Middle East, and Europe Cricket is a professional sport.   “In England the major matches are between their large Universities, and the...

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