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The Greatest Superhero Essay

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  • on February 27, 2014
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The Greatest Comic Book Hero of All Time

          “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman!”   Many people will recognize these lines from the iconic comic book, play, or movie, “Superman.”   This character has been in existence since 1934.   He was created by two young men with a shared dream of creating the greatest superhero ever. Their imaginations gave us this superhero from another planet.   Superman has many strengths and weaknesses.   Again and again, Superman saves the planet from one kind of evil character or catastrophe or another. In 2013, there was a remake of the “Superman” movie, called “Man of Steel.”   The creation of Superman and all of his great adventures have led up to this iconic hero being elected the 2013 Imagine Games Network Superhero of the Year.  
The great iconic American character is part Canadian.   This is due to one of the creators, Joseph Shuster, being born in Toronto, Canada.   His family moved to Cleveland, Ohio when he was ten years old.   In 1930, Joe met the other creator Jerry Siegel.   They became fast friends with their shared love of great storytelling.   In 1933, they tried to create a Superman character. They went through many stages through the next year before they came up with their caped, muscular superhero.   At one point, he was almost a bald mad scientist.   The man that came to be the character was based on people from Jerry’s past.   The Clark Kent character was based on Joe and his look. (May, 2004)  
For the next few years, the men had their comics published, but there was nothing that made much money.   In 1938, the two creators presented their Superman comics to DC Comics in hopes of making Superman bigger.   DC comics bought all rights to the character for $130.   Superman became famous in the comics very quickly.   Because the creators sold their rights, they got nothing monetarily or creatively.   Shuster and Siegel filed lawsuits for royalties on creative rights.   The lawsuits were all dismissed and the men lived...

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