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The Horse Essay

  • Submitted by: tsmithy1135
  • on February 27, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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The conch - The conch is a tool to build up a civilisation on the island. Through the power of the conch Ralph is able to make meetings. Without the conch it would have been very difficult to get things organized and to get to know who is on the island. It is even a symbol of the group outside the choir because Ralph is the owner of the conch, a means of power. Then there is also the choir, which represents the other group. The boys make use of the conch to elect a leader. Therefore the conch also stands for democracy. Ralph is chosen on account of most votes, but compromises with Jack, the leader of the choir, by power-sharing. The conch even stands for justice and equality because everybody has the right to state his opinion through the conch. Soon their meetings can be regarded as a kind of “Parliament” in which they talk about problems and discuss possible improvements. They boys come from an English school and now attempt to continue their ideals of law and order on the island. But soon things are deteriorating. Jack is not satisfied with his position and wants to dominate all the children. He is the one longing for the conch to fulfill his will. Principles like justice and equality become blurred more and more (e.g. Piggy is not allowed to use the conch).
The sea - The sea is the barrier between civilisation and the seclusion on the island. In the poetic depiction of Simon’s death, it also represents an almost supernatural power far beyond the limited scope of the island community.
The island - The island represents good and evil. It stands for a new independent life without any adults who rule the childrens’ life. So it is like treasure island at first glance. The island is full of life - there are animals and lots of fruits to make food of. It has an idyllic effect which, however, is deceptive. - The fruits cause diarrhoea and stomach-aches. There is also the heat which is overwhelming. Some “littluns” are afraid of the island because...

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