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The Kettlebell Essay

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  • on February 23, 2013
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The Kettlebell
Joseph Terry
EXSC 340-001
Dr. Schoffstall

The use of the kettlebell has continued to spread and become more and more popular over the years.   The kettlebell is used not only to build muscle and strength, but also to burn fat and increase cardiovascular capacity.   It is used by a variety of different people from professional athletes, to personal trainers, to the average Joe at the local gym.   With the uniqueness of the design of the kettlebell, the uses and benefits almost seem limitless.   This paper will give a historical background of the kettlebell’s origin, the proper mechanics and technique of the use of the kettlebell, the implementation of the kettlebell in training programs, and research done on the kettlebell.   The research will explain health benefits and bodily responses to kettlebells as well as how the kettlebell can/has been implemented in different training programs.  

The Kettlebell
The kettlebell is a fitness tool that the Russians have been using for over 300 years and is deeply rooted in their culture and society.   Kettlebells are designed to be hand-held and they resemble a cannon ball with a handle on the top (Bromley).   They are usually weighed in kilograms and can range from 4 kg to 62kg (roughly 10 to 136 lbs).   However, since coming to the United States, kettlebells measured in pounds do exist and are used only throughout the States.  
Kettlebells originate from Russia over 350 years ago, and the word “kettlebell” or “girya”, the Russian word, was first written in the Russian dictionary in 1704 (Bromley).   Russians first used them for training their Olympic and professional athletes as well as their military personnel.   The realization of the weight loss capabilities of the kettlebell were not well known until the fitness magazine Hercules featured them in an article in 1913 (Bromley).   This article not only opened the eyes to the weight loss benefits of the kettlebell, but it also catapulted further research...

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