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The New Deal Essay

  • Submitted by: Klrement
  • on February 19, 2014
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James Higgins
HIS 122
April 29, 2013
The New Deal
Franklin Delano Roosevelt while in office came up with anti-depression programs he decided to call the New Deal. When he proposed this America was in a serious depression and he wanted to try and make things a little easier. This all occurred in the 1930’s when the Great Depression was at its worst and FDR was just entering the white house. Roosevelt’s whole goal was to bring America out of the Depression and to restore the people to a level of normalcy. Even though in the end the New Deal did not end the Depression it set up many new programs and allowed the country to work together in a time of need.
FDR made it clear that there were three major components to the New Deal he believed in the three R’s; relief, recovery, and reform. As for the relief aspect there was an incredibly unemployment rate so Roosevelt instilled programs to help with everyday life. These programs included emergency, work and agricultural relief programs. In the end these programs did not help too much but they allowed American families to be able to live through the Depression. The second component was the recovery portion which was to essentially just get America out of the Depression. Recovery was put into place but in the end it was only successful short-term but it did help the long-term structural goals of the government. Finally, Roosevelt implemented the reform portion of the New Deal this was basically changes to the banking laws to try and help. When the economy went downhill everyone wanted their money but since there was barely any money there were restrictions on how much a person could get from a bank. Through all these actions though unemployment remained high and the economic growth stayed painfully low.
In the end this New Deal did not really help the economy as a whole but it allowed America to coast until it picked back up. It was not until Roosevelt’s third time that the Depression really turned around because of...

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