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The Philippine National Hero, Jose Rizal Essay

  • Submitted by: melqui
  • on February 21, 2013
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Why Rizal?
It   has   been   said   that   ‘The   pen   is   mightier   than   the   sword.’   A   high   spirited   young   man   proved   it   so,   Jose   Protacio   Mercado   Rizal   Y.   Alonzo   Realonda,   otherwise   known   as   Dr.   Jose   Rizal.   Some   people   think   of   him   as   a   martyr,   genius,   prolific   writer,   and   the   greatest   hero.   But   do   we   know   what   was   his   real   purpose   on   sacrificing   his   own   happiness   and   devoting   his   whole   life   in   making   his   historically famous   and   heartfelt   novels,   literatures,   and   great   works   of   art?   As   much   as   we   have known   he   touched   the   hearts   and   changed   the   lives   of   our   forefathers   on   the   inequitable   and   abusive   Spanish   and   American   colonization.
He,   as   one   of   the   many   people   who   took   pity   on   the   situation   faced   by   their   own   countrymen   fought   for   their rights   not   by   force   or   waging   feuds,   but   by   writing   novels   that   would   awaken   the   Filipinos   from   the   bullying   and   harassing   regime   of   the   Spaniards   and   of   course   the   absolutism   of   the   Americans.   With   his   versatile   talents   he   awakened   the   Filipinos   about   the   real   status   of   their   lives   because   they   seemed   to   have   ignored   the   shame,   agony,   and   pain   brought   about   by   the   recklessness   of   the   contemporary   colonizers.   In   re-embracing   the   thoughts   of   his   great   novels,   a   question   came   upon   me.   If   Rizal   is   still   alive   today   which   particular   character   in   the   modern   Philippine   society   on   politics   would   he   write   about?   He   would   have   written   the   name   of   the   humble   Secretary   of   the   Department   of   Interior   and   Local   Government   (DILG)   Mr.   Jesse   Robredo.   He   and   Rizal   shared   a   strong   bond   of   similarity,   not   just   on   social   and   educational   attainments   both   have   achieved   nevertheless   also   on   the   heart   which   they   similarly   want   to   make   this   country   a   better   one.   Free   from   cruelty   and...

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